Sulphur Recovery Catalyst /Claus Catalyst/ACTIVATED ALUMINA IS 9700 - DEVSRC

Devson offers a full range of Claus catalysts with a large number of accessible surface active sites for H2S and S20 to react and form sulfur and water (high surface area), large pore volume distribution (high macro porosity), low bulk density which directly lowers catalyst expense, low abrasion and high strength which minimizes dust and fines and uniform size and shape for lower pressure drops. We have developed 4 Grade of Claus catalyst.


Sulphur Recovery Catalyst / Claus catalyst with different Grade

Claus catalyst, DEV-SRC™-L01 (Alumina based)

Claus catalyst, DEV-SRC™-H03 (Low TiO2 based)

Claus catalyst, DEV-SRC™-05 (High TiO2 based)

Claus catalyst, DEV-SRC™-07 (Sub dew point)