Molecular Sieves

Molecular Sieves or Zeolite are normally used in the process of drying gases and liquids. Molecular Sieves are a crystalline composition with uniform pores that is measured in angstroms. This composition makes Molecular Sieve more effective than other types of desiccants.


Excellent surface area

Highly resistant to thermal shock

Capacity for repeated regeneration

Inert towards liquid water

Stability to fairly high temperature

Low resistance to gas flow

Great mechanical strength

Shrink Proff.


Purification of gases and liquids (removal of metallic traces, TBC and HF compounds)

Drying of air and gases such as steam cracked gases, catalytic reforming recycle gas, synthesis gas, natural gas, CO2.

Drying of organic liquids as LPG, aromatics, steam cracked liquids, gasoline, chloro- and fluorocarbons.

Drying of air and gases as steam cracked gases, catalytic reforming recycle gases, synthesis gases, methyl chloride, natural gas, LNG, etc.

Molecular Sieves (both spherical and pellet form)

Molecular sieves 3A, DEV-MS3A

Molecular sieves 4A, DEV-MS4A

Molecular sieves 5A, DEV-MS5A

Molecular sieves 13X, DEV-MS13X